Definition Please

Wiktionary tells us that the word anecdotic means “anecdotal; of or pertaining to anecdotes”.

In turn, the word anecdote has three definitions.  The first is basically a short story about a real person or event; often humorous or interesting.  The second is an account which is not supported with scientific or statistical facts in an argument.  The third is much less common — a new secret account of an incident.




It will have fun and/or interesting stories as observed by me.  Sometimes these stories will only have one perspective with noNext time you tell the story, exaggerate.hard evidence to support them.  I’ll try to avoid this when I can, but you can’t say you weren’t warned.  I can’t guarantee there will be any new, previously unheard of accounts of incidents.  While many have blazed these trails before me, I will try to offer some original insights whenever possible.

ANECDOTIC augments other sites

You’ll find these fun and interesting posts have a certain… theme.  ANECDOTIC is an informal outlet for the more serious L1 Digital Consulting website.

OK fine, technically it is only supporting one site. For now.


As astonishing as it sounds, ANECDOTIC is run and maintained by one guy, Phillip Marquez.  I’m also the founder of the aforementioned company, L1 Digital Consulting.

ANECDOTIC is updated when I have the time to spare, which varies quite a bit.  Hopefully it will be often enough to avoid being declared dead but not so often that you get tired of hearing from me.

ANECDOTIC is subjective

It deserves repeating: ANECDOTIC is a blog that contains my own opinions and observations (unless explicitly expressed in a post of course).  These opinions and observations should never be assumed to represent my business, clients/employers or, well, anybody or anything else.