Meet Lagom, The Spiritual Successor To Digest

Meet Lagom, The Spiritual Successor To Digest

digest_1_cover1Wondering what ever happened to that awesome looking Digest publication?  Me too!  I’ve been checking the Digest site for updates ever since my post and only just recently dug deep enough to discover that Viewport Industries permanently closed their doors.

Fret not!  It seems there is a similar publication that picks up the torchlagom#1 that Digest dropped.  Lagom, A new lifestyle magazine celebrating innovation & creativity, is £5 for the PDF version and £10 for the print version (I’m unsure if this includes the PDF version as of yet) with an option to save if you subscribe.

The periodical appears to be a biannual — #1 is available now with issue #2 coming Spring 2015 and #3 in the Autumn, so a subscription is broken down to save you £2 if you subscribe for two issues and £6 if you subscribe to three; the final price being £18 and £24 respectively.

If anyone purchases an issue, why not let us know what you think of it in the comments below?

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