Uncrate celebrates 10 years with a print quarterly

Uncrate celebrates 10 years with a print quarterly

I’ve only been following Uncrate for about a year or two so I had no idea they were passing a 10 year anniversary. To celebrate, they are entering the print magazine business with some high quality, coffee table worthy quarterlies starting with Winter 2014.

Uncrate describes itself as a buying guide for men. You’ll find cool items ranging from obscure liquors, to camping tools, to outrageous (but envy-invoking) off road vehicles. Items range in price from below $10 to, well, if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it anyway…

Buy a single issue for $15 or subscribe for $50 and save $10. Winter 2014 is 212 pages and will almost certainly be filled with about 200 things you either will, or wish you could buy.

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