Unlocking accounts In Webtrends Analytics 10

Unlocking accounts In Webtrends Analytics 10

You’re a Webtrends admin and one of your users says their account is locked from trying too many passwords and doing a password reset at the login screen isn’t working because, you guessed it,  the account is locked.  A quick search in the Webtrends forums doesn’t turn up much — as of this writing there are a couple of offers from Webtrends support to create a ticket to assist, but in my case, the user already requested support and their ticket was closed with the resolution that they must contact their platform administrator.  So, what to do?

Webtrends-On-Demand-Accounts-LinkThe solution is actually pretty easy.  First off, you’ll want to get into the “Accounts” menu for Webtrends Analytics 9 On Demand.  Yeah, this cannot be done (that I know of) from Webtrends Analytics 10, but you likely already know that WT 10 is built on the WT 9 platform, so there are still some things that can only be done from your WT 9 interface.  Click on the “Accounts” link up in the top right corner after logging in.

This should change your left nav to the Accounts menu.  From here you’llWebtrends-On-Demand-Accounts-Menu want to click on the “Users” link.

Once again, your left nav will change and the main section of the page will display a list of your platform users.  Do a search for the user that is locked out.  Note that you can search by login name (default), username and more.

When you find the person you are looking for, look to the right under “User Status” (you may need to scroll to the right) and verify that their status is locked.  Click on that person’s entry and the whole line for that user will be a light yellowish highlight.

Webtrends-On-Demand-Users-MenuWith that person selected, go back to the left nav and click on “Unlock User(s)” (mine is grayed out because I don’t have a locked account selected, yours should be black and clickable).

Verify the account name and associated email before completing the unlock.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to notify your user that the unlock is complete and if they don’t remember their password (which likely got them locked in the first place) then they should do a password reset.

Note that you can also do a manual password reset from this menu as well, which might be easier than explaining to a lost and frustrated user to use the password reset link on the login screen.

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